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We provide NYC Pest Control Exterminator Service Treatment
In Manhattan 7 Days a Week, from 9am to 9pm.
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About our Total Pest Control Exterminating Company

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Bed Bugs Ants Bee / Wasp Fleas Cockroaches
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Rats / Mice Spiders Squirrels Termites Pigeons

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Our Strength

Our pest control exterminator services are of the highest quality: All of our technicians are certified and registered with the state of NY. We work very hard and do an extensively thorough job helping to make your property or location a no pest zone. Ask us about our ongoing maintenance plans. We are totally committed to your total satisfaction, because our philosophy is customer for life! We mean it!

Our Human Resources

Our pest control exterminator technicians are well paid, the most professional, well trained, educated, clean-cut and courteous in the pest control industry. Our pest control staff are eager to earn your business and trust, the backbone of the company. We treat you with the utmost respect.

Our Commitment.

We life long New Yorkers have made a long-term commitment to Manhattan our pride and home. We have the best resources, manpower and focused desire to serve our clients whether they are an individual, single family home or a large industrial facility. Training and education are a top priority for our Professional Pest Control Technicians, our people are experts in the field of pest control, entomology and extermination services.

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Our mission is to provide safe and effective Integrated Pest Management solutions to our residential, commercial and industrial clients.We are licensed, certified, registered, insured and bonded, members of the Entomological Society of America, The Pest Control Operators of our company are members of the National Pest Management Association and NY Pest Control Association.

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